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Media Partners

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  1. 1.Viktoriya
    6.ROCK`N`CHIC is a blog about stardoll. In our blog users of stardoll will find contests, daily news, free stuff, information about fashion and other.
    7. 2011-02-21

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  3. Name: Helen
    Username: _StarHelen_
    Project Name: The Artistic Side of Stardoll
    Project Link: theartisticsideofstardoll.blogspot.com
    Project Logo Image Link: you can find it at the sidebar of the blog but for better quality: i.imgur.com/R3quK.jpg
    Staff List: theartisticsideofstardoll.blogspot.com/p/team.html
    Describe Your Project:
    "The artistic side of Stardoll" was found on the 4th of February 2012 by _StarHelen_ in order to give Stardoll society a place where they can get inspired and discover the beauty of art around Stardoll. Here all kinds of art on Stardoll(sceneries, graphics, interior and fashion designs etc.)worth mentioning will find a place to lie and create some kind of a book/diary. Although will often see posts about trends as well.(for more read the about page of the blog)
    Describe Sponsorship/Media Partner Details: Well I don't really understand the question but I'll give it a shot. I'd like to become of this magazine because in my opinion it's one of the nicest Stardoll. I admire your work and I wish one day I'll be able to make something so great myshelf!
    Project Founding Date: 4th Feb 2012

  4. Name: Camila
    Username: StarMinimon
    Project Name: The Stardoll Chatterbox
    Project Link: http://chatterboxstardoll.blogspot.com/
    Project Logo Image Link: http://i40.tinypic.com/2wchd11.png
    Staff List: [Optional] There's a variety of writers and there's many since is a free blog.
    Describe Your Project: http://chatterboxstardoll.blogspot.com/p/about-us.html
    Describe Sponsorship/Media Partner Details: ?
    Project Founding Date: February 23, 2012

  5. Name: Rafael G.
    Username: Rafi101
    Project Name: Rafael's Next Top Model
    Project Link: http://rafaelsnexttopmodel.blogspot.com
    Project Logo Image Link: http://i41.tinypic.com/2bw7ly.png
    Staff List: Just me :)
    Describe Your Project: It's a modeling competition for talented and extraordinary girls who want to start a modeling career on Stardoll. Within 15 weeks, the contestants have to pass through several tasks to get a chance to win awesome prizes.
    There's also a music playlist called "The Best Catwalk Hits" avaliable for each season. And there are also videos such as trailers, season openers and more.

    Describe Sponsorship/Media Partner Details:
    A link to the blog for about 2 weeks in the "Announcement Box" which is at the top of page. The logo will be put on the "Media Partners/Sponsors" page with a link to the blog.

    Project Founding Date:
    Founding Date of Competition: August 21, 2010
    Founding Date of Blog: January 20, 2011

  6. Name: Amanda Lane

    Username: Aurelieke92

    Project Name: Inbetween Stardoll

    Project Link: http://inbetweenstardoll.blogspot.com/

    Project Logo Image Link: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-E5zU5gbvoYs/TxRoW9Z1DfI/AAAAAAAABZ4/SmSEgQs4AUU/s1600/isdlogo.png

    Describe Your Project: We are merely a Growing blog that posts the regular Stardoll news with the added posts from our creative writers, and our contests that connect with our readers. We are growing every day. Standing at 1207 Followers, it is no surprise that we are a blog that is full of Quality and Quantity.

    Describe Sponsorship/Media Partner Details: A Link with this blog's logo on our Media Partners Sidebar. Also, I like the concept of this blog, So I will also present it to the blog through a post and whatnot.

    Project Founding Date: May 20th, 2011

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  8. Name:
    Username: QueenOfClovers3
    Project Name: The Stardoll Magazine & The Stardoll Critique
    Project Link: TheStardollMagazineSD.blogspot.com & TheStardollCritique.blogspot.com
    Project Logo Image Link:Stardoll magazine: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-O0SXWLYgdfY/T3Jwwe4YmZI/AAAAAAAAALc/9PF2NKLssoc/s1600/BeFunky_images%2B%25284%2529.jpg

    Stardoll Critique: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-zSFFy0bAg5Y/T4d57tN96aI/AAAAAAAAANg/lSu9PPDAG5E/s1600/lol.jpg
    Staff List: [Optional]
    Describe Your Project: The Stardoll Magazine is an uprising blog that is full of: Stardoll information and news, Fashion (on/off Stardoll), and makeup

    The Stardoll Critique is another uprising blog which is full of reviews, ratings, and incredible me-doll and blog work.

    Describe Sponsorship/Media Partner Details: I will put a link and this blog's Logo to the side of my blog and every once a month or so I will write a very detailed and positive article about this blog and any others you are willing to advertise. (As long as i get my logo on the side too.)

    Project Founding Date: The Stardoll Magazine: January 1, 2012 The Stardoll Critique: April 8, 2012.

  9. Name: Lia Jeanine
    Username: liajm
    Project Name: Editorialized
    Project Link: editorializedsd.blogspot.com
    Project Logo Image Link: http://i.imgur.com/jnXAd.png
    Staff List: [Optional]
    Describe Your Project: A fashion and modeling blog for stardoll and the real world.
    Describe Sponsorship/Media Partner Details: We would put your logo on the side bar, and would post about your magazine when new issues/spoilers were released
    Project Founding Date: October 2010

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  11. Name: Lily Auriol
    Username: MissLiLLyLo
    Project Name: Lily.Lo Beauty
    Project Link: http://lilylobeauty.blogspot.com/
    Project Logo Image Link: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-DtMvbnvWZRg/TjMa9KIZrwI/AAAAAAAACu0/ERFi8jpHjaQ/s298/lloblo.png
    Describe Your Project: I am shure you have allready heard about my blog, so basically it is about beauty trends, with many tutorials and reviews. It's a place where anyone can find something interesting and inspiring.
    Describe Sponsorship/Media Partner Details: I would put your logo on the sidebar, and I would also if you agree use your make-ups from magazine in special tutorials. With credit of course.
    Project Founding Date: July 2011

  12. Name: Kaisa
    Username: Sweet-Lips112
    Project Name: Premier modeling agency
    Project Link: www.sdpremier.blogspot.com
    Project Logo Image Link: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-iIXP6QJ_TuA/T7ir6CeBwrI/AAAAAAAAAJg/Nl1892rIQ5U/s320/premier.jpg

    Staff List: [Optional]
    Describe Your Project: A brand new stardoll modeling agency!

    Describe Sponsorship/Media Partner Details: Logo advertising at the sidebars.
    Project Founding Date: May 2012

  13. Name: Nora
    Username: ExtravaganceSD
    Project Name: Elegant Risque
    Project Link:
    Project Logo Image Link: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-UH7w2pkW304/T29JeRYCJFI/AAAAAAAAAGw/1JPrv8xE8z0/s250/Logo.png
    Staff List:
    Tapstar321,cia-lynn, 2peicesofcandy1,funnybeach, momijigal911, Sary.Babyfayce, ExtravaganceSD
    Describe Your Project:
    Elegant Risque devotes itself to the fabulous world of Stardoll. We will tell you about fashion-shows, magazine releases, brand new fashion lines and we will give you tips in modelling. Another of our priorities is to introduce fashion conscious members, with strong characters and a lot of creativity, to give them the attention they deserve for their wonderful performances. We also place great emphasis on working together with other Blogs, Fashion-Lines and Magazines or sponsoring great projects.
    Describe Sponsorship/Media Partner Details: Logo advertised at the sidebar, every newest post of media-partner advertised of sidebar, if the media-partner wants, we also post about their projects, introduction-post about the media-partner on our Blog
    Project Founding Date: May 2012

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  15. Name:
    Ceaara Iman


    Project Name:
    The Graphic Vault

    Project Link:

    Project Logo Image Link:
    http://imgur.com/a/jOFvm, the purple one matches my blogs theme at the moments, but feel free to use whichever that suites your blog layout.

    Staff List: [Optional]
    Founder: Missceaaria

    Describe Your Project:
    A blog for graphic designers to freely express their work, and receive feedback from the audience that are interested.

    Describe Sponsorship/Media Partner Details:
    logo advertisement under the 'media partners' page page.

    Project Founding Date:
    November 2011, but it has a relaunch, so its actual date was about August 2011

  16. Name: Kathy

    Username: dubistdie

    Project Name: The Awesome Stardoll

    Project Link: http://theawesomestardollandmore.blogspot.de/

    Project Logo Image Link: http://i.imgur.com/iorGw.png

    Staff List: [Optional]
    Founder: dubistdie
    [atm. only 2 I'm surching new ones]

    Describe Your Project: A Blog of Graphics, Stardoll News &' Trends in Real life, Interesting Dolls, Music Videos and soon Fashionlines

    Describe Sponsorship/Media Partner Details: Logo advertisement with Links to the Blog on the sidebar.

    Project Founding Date: October 2011

  17. Name:
    Project Name:Stardoll Local News
    Project Link:stardoll-local-news.blogspot.com
    Project Logo Image Link:Its in my blog. I can give you a tinypic if needed.
    Staff List: [Optional]
    Describe Your Project: We give out Stardoll's latests news.
    Describe Sponsorship/Media Partner Details:I will advertise your blog in my blog. It will be placed at the bottom of my blog, like the rest of my media partners.
    Project Founding Date: Summer 2010

  18. Name: Vlada
    Username: Shiny.pearl
    Project Name: Stardoll Fashion Cats
    Project Link: stardollfashioncats.blogspot.com
    Project Logo Image Link: the blog's header
    Staff List: Shiny.pearl,.WhiteFlower.
    Describe Your Project: A fashion lookbook to inspire you!
    Describe Sponsorship/Media Partner Details: We really like your magazine and as it's popular we'd have the oppurtunity to get our blog known!
    Project Founding Date: 3 July 2012

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  20. Name: Sydnei Raye
    Username: DesignerSecrets

    Project Name: Count Magazine
    Project Link: http://www.sdmargellemagazine.blogspot.com
    Project Logo Image Link: http://i50.tinypic.com/220r2e.png

    Staff List: [Optional] For this first issue, we have some people like sarabear123, aurelieke92, doggy_starpuppy, flowerpin, and ladygagamcqueen.

    Describe Your Project: Well I love reading magazines in Dollywood. But the ones I'm reading now mostly have all graphics and no articles, or the other way around. So, I wanted to create a magazine with a blend of tasteful fashion, appealing graphics, and attracting articles. Having a media partner such as VOGUE would be very pleasing.

    Describe Sponsorship/Media Partner Details: Of course your logo will be added to out blog sidebar, (and we would hope for the same), and for all of our future COUNT issues including this one, at the bottom of our last page we will have all of our media partners featured there too. If you remember, it will be kind of like the 2010 SFW graphic.

    Project Founding Date: June 1, 2012

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  22. Name: JJ

    Username: bracken1234

    Project Name: Inexperienced Magazine

    Project Link: Inexperiencedmagazine.blogspot.co.uk

    Project Logo Image Link: i47.tinypic.com/2z5jfad.png

    Staff List: Still hiring

    Describe Your Project: Magazine unlike any other stardoll magazine. It has a little bit of everything

    Describe Sponsorship/Media Partner Details: We will put your logo in our blog, when the magazine is released there will be a page dedicated to media partners and I will inform everyone on releases of your magazine on the official blog "meanwhile on Stardoll"

    Project Founding Date: 28th June 2012

  23. Name: Paula
    Username: Paula5959
    Project Name: Stardoll For Poland (stardoll.ocom.pl)
    Project Link: www.stardoll-for-poland.blogspot.com (www.stardoll.ocom.pl)
    Project Logo Image Link: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-s1Yrjgm5YoQ/UC6Uu3o8F-I/AAAAAAAAA3c/eA4JEveLJ5s/s1600/ocom+2.png
    Staff List:
    Describe Your Project: One of the most popular polish blogs about Stardoll. We have 7235 followers at the moment :)
    Describe Sponsorship/ Media Partner Details: We will put your logo in tab ''Partnerzy'' (eng. Media Partners). When you will release a issue of VOGUE we will public special post to inform our readers about it :)
    Project Founding Date: Summer 2009

  24. Name: Aurélie "Amoré" Gucci
    Username: bby_emkinz
    Project Name: Inbetween Stardoll
    Project Link: http://inbetweenstardoll.blogspot.com/
    Project Logo Image Link: http://i.imgur.com/4DqSw.png
    Describe Your Project: ISD is different. We Don't post about Spoilers and hotbuys all the time. We are well aware of gossip,and of real life happenings. We have an eccentric amount of posts, with multiple topics, so that you won't get bored.
    Describe Sponsorship/Media Partner Details: your logo in ISD's side bar, under the catagory 'Media Partners'. It's as easy as that. Also we will make a small post if Vogue released a new issue.
    Project Founding Date: the 20th of May, 2010.

  25. Name: Malwina
    Username: melmana96
    Project Name: Styllash
    Project Link: http://styllash.blogspot.com/
    Project Logo Image Link: http://i45.tinypic.com/iejn9z.png
    Describe Your Project:Our blog deals mainly with styling and creating different instructions from the world of stardoll. There is nothing much to write about it. Tips from the world of fashion, styling for everyone.
    Describe Sponsorship/Media Partner Details:Blog logo will be located in a special section "Partners"
    Project Founding Date:August 2011

  26. Name: Dominika
    Login: Ola1213
    Project name: zahipnotyzowani Stardoll
    Link: http://zahipnotyzowani.blogspot.com/

  27. Name: Alyssa
    Username: Miss.....Elite
    Project Name: Stardoll Helpers
    Project Link: www.stardollhelpers4all.blogspot.com
    Project Logo Image Link: http://imm.io/IwzK
    Describe Your Project: My blog is a blog that features the updates of stardoll along with new styles and trends
    Describe Sponsorship/Media Partner Details: Partner's Logos are put on the page titled partners along with a short descripiton of the blog/website
    Project Founding Date: October 2, 2012

  28. Name: aishling
    Username: aishling1
    Project Names: FabPresentations & Amour
    Project Links:
    Project Logo Image Link: 1. dosent have one.
    2. specified on blog sidebar.
    Staff List: 1.[Joanna (kramerrua)
    2.Emily (hellokittyl1634) rebecca (moowy11)]
    Describe Your Project:1. A presentation blog.
    2. A fashion magazing
    Describe Sponsorship/Media Partner Details: Logo posted on sidebar along with the title partners and posted about it.
    Project Founding Date: November 3rd

  29. Vicky
    I have something in my mind,I take any project you want to gimme.
    I know...how to use a blog..I used to be a blogger!


  30. Name:
    Project Name: stardolls victoria secret
    Project Link:
    Project Logo Image Link:
    Staff List: [Optional]
    Describe Your Project:
    fashion line
    Describe Sponsorship/Media Partner Details:
    at the media partners page and add your latests mag (cover only) with a link at your blog..
    Project Founding Date: dec.24


  31. Name:
    Username: ChuFu
    Project Name: CHOQUE Project
    Project Link: http://choquesd.blogspot.com/
    Project Logo Image Link: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-GZqjxZoOil8/UOMZs3ljwPI/AAAAAAAAAoE/ZrvMfqLmsPA/s1600/Choque+Banner+(small).png
    Describe Your Project: Fashion, Beauty, News
    Describe Sponsorship/Media Partner Details: On the right side of blog
    Project Founding Date: 01.01.13

  32. Name: Alison
    Username: Stiche
    Project Name: Stardoll-Idol
    Project Link: www.stardoll-idol.blogspot.com
    Project Logo Image Link: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-eN_VGzB3kn8/UJ_gFjvogmI/AAAAAAAABWY/D7aS5pYU7RQ/s1600/stardollidol.jpg
    Staff List: [Optional] Lilla_Fofucha and Me
    Describe Your Project: My project refers to a blog different from all other blogs of stardoll, is not that just put a blog about stardoll news, tips and tutorials yes, makeup, outfits and special articles of fashion, styles and about, we would love to partner with your blog, always follow!, now thanks!
    Describe Sponsorship/Media Partner Details: Adoraria fazer parceria com o seu blog, pois é dinâmico, creativo, e seus gráficos são ótimos, leio sempre as revistas da VOGUE.
    Project Founding Date: I not found the data sorry, but I send you later! :/

  33. Name:Kelly
    Project Name:Stardoll SASSY Magazine
    Project Link:http://stardollsassymagazine.blogspot.com.au/
    Project Logo Image Link: http://imgur.com/myFutyN
    Describe Your Project: It is a Stardoll Magazine. I am the graphic designer.
    Describe Sponsorship/Media Partner Details: We have no Sponsers or Media partners at the moment, we're finding some.
    Project Founding Date: 17/01/13

  34. Name: Cathérine aka Cathy
    Username: mathildamath

    Project Name: Cathérine's Model Academy
    Project Link: catherines-model-academy.blogspot.com
    Project Logo Image Link: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-xZ83Xu47mEM/UQpt2g4BfEI/AAAAAAAADFg/ZXIf1RiuKIo/s250/Catherinelogo.png

    Describe Your Project: CMA is a modeling competition for those who want to enter the fashion world of stardoll. It's hard to be accepted anywhere without any experience and a nice portfolio, so our competition is aimed on building up experience. But of course, not only unexperienced models can participate. The prizes include various model jobs in order to start modelling.
    Describe Sponsorship/Media Partner Details: Your logo will be put to the Media Partners page with a link to your side. If you want to sponsor a prize (graphic, interview, ...) it will also be put to the Prizes page and I will mention you in a blog post, but sponsoring isn't neccessary.
    Project Founding Date: 01/2013

    Thanks for reading, xoxo Cathy

  35. Name: Virginia
    Username: Rei1981
    Project Name: Enjoy
    Project Link: enjoysd.blogspot.com
    Project Logo Image Link: http://i49.tinypic.com/10ni807.png
    Staff List: [Optional] Rei1981, AnneHattaway,Mateotkd, Yoko94i
    Describe Your Project: It´s a magazine, it will have an Spanish and an English version.
    Describe Sponsorship/Media Partner Details:I will add your logo in my blog, so people can enjoy your magazine and become your follower. Also my Magazine is new, I need people to know about the proyect.
    Xoxo, Rei
    Project Founding Date: February 2013

  36. Name:Ashley
    Project Name: The Dollywood Socialite
    Project Link:thedollywoodsocialite.blogspot.com
    Project Logo Image Link:http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-t__TCVzlElc/USk7KoLVpWI/AAAAAAAAC-o/CjByT4dyRWU/s1600/tumblr_mhja9qCWCK1qeenqgo1_1280.png
    Staff List:I personally write for my this blog as it is my own, yet there might be prospective writers.
    Describe Your Project: A visual diary of my personal Stardoll lifestyle written in a novel/diary format.
    Describe Sponsorship/Media Partner Details: I will add your logo to my blog like anyone else would do. I also already had you down as one of my favorite reads, which has probably gained you some page views. I just want a basic partnership to get more pageviews between the both of us and also prospective followers.
    Project Founding Date: March 2013

    Thanks! Come on over!

  37. Name: Aleksandra
    Username: Allesandra92
    Project Name: Bizarre Style
    Project Link: http://bizarre-style.blogspot.com/
    Project Logo Image Link: http://img507.imageshack.us/img507/5770/bizarreo.png
    Staff List: [Optional]
    Describe Your Project: My own page with my looks. A little part of me, my style and my world.
    Describe Sponsorship/Media Partner Details: I will put a link and this blog's Logo to the side of my blog and every once a month or so I will write a very detailed and positive article about this blog and any others you are willing to advertise.
    Project Founding Date: 16.04.2013

  38. Name: Sofia

    Username: Klarine

    Project Name: The StyleBook-Stardoll

    Project Link: StyleBook-stardoll.blogspot.com

    Project Logo Image Link: http://tinypic.com/r/4fts20/4

    Staff List: [Optional]

    Describe Your Project: It is a Portfolio full of looks (stardoll looks). It is really special because there are many different styles and everyone can choose which is their favorite! And, all weeks we need models and every doll can be a model!

    Describe Sponsorship/Media Partner Details: I put the banner and the link of the partner blog on the page "Parcerias".

    Project Founding Date: 18 / 03/ 2013

    Thank you!


  39. Name: Karina

    Username: Foreversecret

    Project Name: Karina's Corner (blog)

    Project Link: sdforeversecret.blogspot.com

    Project Logo Image Link: http://i.imgur.com/WglOptn.png

    Describe Your Project: It is a blog featuring expository articles on fashion and Stardoll's dollywood scene. It is fairly new, but already attracted many followers due to the high quality posts.

    Describe Sponsorship/Media Partner Details: Your official logo will be added to the sidebar of the blog for as long as we are media partners. Also, I will make posts advertising the releases of the new issues of Vogue Magazine.

    Project Founding Date: 4.30.2013 However, the blog was previously a completely different blog, but has been revamped and reconstructed into what is currently known as Karina's Corner.

  40. Name: Amanda

    Username: StarKoool

    Project Name: Amanda Star's Graphics

    Project Link: amandastargraphics.blogspot.com

    Project Logo Image Link: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-J7wGRwI1E18/Uc-35nkE2aI/AAAAAAAABhc/3DsapDk_DhM/s170/logo.png

    Staff List: Only me

    Describe Your Project: My blog is a place where I showcase not only Stardoll graphics, but all other non-Stardoll graphics that I make. I'm currently seeking successful blogs that I personally enjoy and read often to be media partners, in order to build an audience.

    Describe Sponsorship/Media Partner Details: Your logo will be under my Media Partners tab, and my logo would be on your blog.

    Project Founding Date: 6/30/13

  41. Name:Liga
    Project Name:Stardoll True Fan
    Project Link: stardolltruefan.blogspot.com/
    Project Logo Image Link: http://s1140.photobucket.com/user/animelover116/media/93254669-956e-45d9-9da2-b36210c041a5.jpg.html?state=copy
    Staff List:Me and more 5 writers
    Describe Your Project: My blog is a place where I write aabout stardoll only in for alternative people like me :)
    Describe Sponsorship/Media Partner Details: A Link with this blog's logo on our Media Partners Sidebar.And i will post few time about your magazine in my blog :)
    Project Founding Date: Jun,2011

  42. Username: Laura
    Login: coolstorybit3ch
    Project Name: Czas na stardoll
    Project Link: http://czass-na-stardoll.blogspot.com/
    Project Logo Image Link: http://www.bankfotek.pl/image/1537770.jpeg
    Describe Your Project: Blog is about stardoll and news
    Describe Sponsorship/Media Partner Details:
    Project Founding Date: 24.07.13

  43. Name: chaina
    Username: kitty-chaanel
    Project Name: Model Tendance ( french fashion )
    Project Link: http://modeltendance.blogspot.fr
    Project Logo Image Link: http://modeltendance.blogspot.fr/p/medias-partners.html
    Staff List: [Optional]
    Describe Your Project: This is a blog about fashion stardoll, regular fashion item, magazines are posted .
    Describe Sponsorship/Media Partner Details: Your official logo will be added to the sidebar of the blog
    Project Founding Date: February 2013

  44. Name: Martyna
    Username: LadyPrincesslov
    Project Name: MODOBLE
    Project Link: http://modoble.blogspot.com/
    Project Logo Image Link: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-h0CqdsEbjNU/Ufk609mgLjI/AAAAAAAABsI/j_RGYhLigak/s1600/modoble.png
    Staff List: [Optional]
    Describe Your Project: This is polish blog with stardoll outfits. :)
    Describe Sponsorship/Media Partner Details: We will add your official logo to our page "Partners".
    Project Founding Date: 6.12.2012

  45. Kerim,
    Stardoll Magazine Turkey,