Hello, guys!

A very important message for everyone!You have to know,that I sold lollypopsa. I'm not owner. My main doll - jelinna.
New owner of lollypopsa is Reece (FashionablyLate). Don't trust him if he says, that it is still my doll.

He tried to steal  Kitty_Jutbring's account just a few minutes ago.
Never give your passwords and you will be safe!

- Christina

*** Reece sold the account (Lollypopsa). New owner is JCheechoo.
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VOGUE's Next Top Model


You know that, if you want to be a model in our modeling agency "VOGUE", you have to take a look at the two types of contracts, that we offer for our models and then you have to fill the model form.

After reviewing your questionnaire, I will write you if I will be interested in you like as model.

I want to pay your attention to the opening of the "VOGUE.models" club. All our models have to join this club, then read and accept our rules. 


Model agency opening is coming soon and we need to select VOGUE's Next Top Model .

We have free model places and tomorrow, I will publish a complete list of models (HERE).
If you are VOGUE model ( Premium  membership), you be able to take a part in "VOGUE's NTM" contest.
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